Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Hair Extensions 101

We all crave beautiful, silky and luscious locks, but what to do if you have short or thin hair. For years my hair has been the same length and after many attempts to grow it out, quite frankly I couldn't be bothered waiting! Then I came across one of my now most treasured items… my hair extensions.

It can be hard to know what brand of hair extensions to go with, whether or not to get clip in's, sewn in's or taped in extensions. What colour will match? Will they look fake? Will they ruin my hair? These were all the questions that I considered when I started my hair extension journey 4 years ago.

I have tried many different styles but my favourite extensions are clip in's, they are easy to put in and can be worn when you feel like having long hair.

 My first set of extensions was from an online store based in the UK called Head Kandy. Now known as Dirty Looks, the hair extensions from here are amazing. They have a wide variety of colours and lengths and the hair is thick and natural looking.

If your not sure about what colour you may be, simply sending them an email is all that you need to do and within days they send you details on a match. On the other hand, if you find a colour you like, you can buy them and take them to your hair dresser for colour matching.

Prices range between $165-200 AUD for a full set of these extensions and I love this brand because they are not ridiculously expensive and last so long.

Another brand of hair extensions, which I adore, is Foxy Locks, also a UK brand. I only bought a set of their extensions recently and have worn them almost every day since. They are long, silky and so thick at 215 grams. They are also priced between $150-200 AUD, so not too expensive and came within two weeks to me from England.

I wear the colour Sandy Blonde Highlights and am obsessed with them, I get so many compliments and am told they look so natural. They are easy to curl and maintain, with a light wash in the sink every couple of months.

Each set of extensions I have bought from both places has come with different sized pieces of hair. Some thicker and longer than others, as well as smaller and thinner ones for the sides of your head. A full set of hair extensions normally contains about 10 wefts of hair.

The best bit about clip in extensions is the one off price you pay, once bought they last you for up to a year- two years of wear. There are no regular payments on tightening and lifting as there is with permanent extensions and better yet they don't ruin your hair!

Check out both websites online for more information :)



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